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A Constant Beacon of Light
Cierra's Story

I first came to Hope Resource Center in 2010.  I had left home at the age of 16, four year before.  I was living in my car, pregnant, and in a very abusive relationship. I felt worried, unprepared, and alone. HRC helped with a safe place to live, counseled me through leaving the abusive relationship, and reconciling with my mom.  They helped me get a job after my baby was born.

Hope made me feel loved and cared for, that I wasn’t alone. The weekly parenting classes were a good a time, a safe time.  The staff were wonderful, extremely caring.


Aiden, Cierra's Hope baby, is now a happy and healthy toddler!

After my second was born, I began giving back and volunteering at Hope.

Through all these years, 3 children, and many tough times, Hope Resource Center has been a constant friend, a constant beacon of light to me.


- Cierra

mother of Ava, Piper, and Aiden

Hope client and volunteer


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